Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Walk in the Park

I am still making my way down the path towards becoming a better photographer and today offered a perfect opportunity to practice and improve. Surprisingly today was sunny and warm, which compared to the dreary and chilly weather we had been having lately was a great change. Chris and I didn't want to waste this rare occurance of sunshine so we headed down to the park and decided to take our camera with us. We have basically taken a picture of everything in our apartment, so this provided a great chance to venture out and see what we could capture in nature. After walking around the park for awhile and taking pictures here and there, this is what I came up with:
Here are just some cute pictures of Chris and I sitting on a bench at the park.
Can I just say that first, I LOVE our camera and the quality of pictures it produces. Second, I LOVE using photography to get creative and capture little moments in time. It amazes me how much I enjoy taking pictures and experimenting with different shots. And third, it is on days like this that I realize how truly beautiful Washington is and all it has to offer. The scenery here is one of the reasons I LOVE Washington, nothing beats being surrounded by luscious green trees, well except for maybe a tropical beach. The only problem is I hate how many rainy days we have to endure. I hate rain, I hate how it gets the bottom of your pants soaking wet and I hate gloomy, dark, cloudy days. In spite of it all, I have learned that in Washington you have to learn to take the good in with the bad and learn to appreciate that it is the rain that gives you the beauty.

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  1. those picture are so pretty! i am in love with photography as well, and really want take a class. too bad my camera is broken and i have to use my iphone!

    im jealous you live in washington with all the foliage and greenery!