Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Breese Makes Me Feel Fine

Lately I feel as if summer is simply melting away and my days are going by way too fast. I can't believe it is almost August and that summer is coming to an end. Although my days seem to be slipping by, this is why, so far, my summer has been so memorable.

1. Chris and I are married now and enjoying marital bliss. This fact alone would make it the best summer ever. I love life, I love Chris and I love being able to start and end each day with him. It is so amazing to start your life with someone and to feel yourself growing closer to them everyday.

2. Chris and I have embraced our adventurous side this summer by making sure we make every weekend we have count. This has let us fill our weekends with all sorts of trips. My favorites being.... Our random trip to the city of Bellingham, where we ventured off to an unknown city to explore and see what it had to offer. Our first camping trip, where I learned that just because you're telling the scary story, that doesn't mean you won't get scared. Finally, going down to the beach, where we sat out in the rarely seen sunshine and listened to the calming of the waves. 3. With Chris gone at work all day I have been able to fill my days with my favorite leisurely summer activity....Reading. I don't know why but there is something about grabbing a good book, coozying up in your favorite chair and reading all summer long. I have never been much of a reader but every summer I can't get enough of it. So far this summer I have read books, such as, Fablehaven, The Candy Shop Wars, When Love Walked In, The Percy Jackson Series and my most Favorite of all...... The Hunger Games series. Each book has taken me to a new world full of mystery and wonder. Right now I am currently reading The Help, I'm curious to see exactly where this book will take me.

4. My beautiful cousin, Allene, from Arizona, stayed with my parents this summer here in Washington. I have enjoyed every adventure we had together, the memories we created with each other and the friendship we will now have forever. She filled my summer with games of charade, trips to the zoo, museums and movie theaters, hours swimming endlessly in the pool, birthday parties, ferry rides, trips to the beach, Mariner's games and most of all laughter.
What has made your summer memorable?

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